#procjam 2014

This month I took part in a nine day game jam. #procjam was my second game jam, the first one I took part in on the web, and the first where I worked solo. The theme was to "make something that makes something". Making a game was optional though, so I made ProcBreaks - a procedural breakbeat generator. It's a Unity program that designs drum patterns, making a kind of dance music that mixes and evolves over time. I definitely had fun making this, I feel like I finally "get" game jams.

I think I reached the goals I hoped to achieve with it. Since the jam I've found it actually quite listenable. Usually the first thirty seconds are a bit strange; I notice that it's not the best or most natural music I've ever heard and the timings seem to be a little off. But once it goes through a few changes I get the jist of it and as musical "background noise" it makes an acceptable infinite mixtape.

soound effects

I met up with some of the local Southampton game devs in the uni library to work on this. Joe made this infinite island explorer, Rob and Greg made a pixellated procedural mine navigation game.

I played a few more web-based procjam entries today. There are many cool things, but I'd say Forska, Do Not Believe the Robots, Khrushchyovka and Empty Museum are all worth a look.